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Quick bite? Save money? No problem! Paris has abundant tasty, filling, inexpensive street food.  


It used to be looked upon as being in bad taste to eat or drink while walking along the street or sitting on a park bench. The proper place for dining was in a Paris restaurant or sidewalk café.

How times change! Today in Paris you'll see lots of people happily munching on sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza, pastries, even giant falafel pockets while strolling along the street or sitting in the sun on a bench by the Seine.

Want to preserve a French feeling? Stop for crêpes at a booth on the sidewalk. Many cafés and restaurants have crêpe booths from which you can buy freshly-made crêpes, plain and simple with butter and sugar, or fancier filled with chocolate and nuts, ham and cheese, apricot jam, or some other treat.

Likewise, sandwiches are sold everywhere. Usually made with fresh baguettes, they are stuffed with ham, cheese, tomatoes, hard eggs, crudités, and make a filling lunch for very little money.

The magic words for picnic supplies are traiteur, charcuterie, épicerie, boulangerie, patisserie (prepared foods shop, delicatessen, grocery, bakery, pastry shop).

Cold meats, pâtés, salads, breads, rolls, cakes, and pastries are all on delectable display. Some dishes are expensive (but worth the money), others are cheap.

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Cheese Dogs, Paris, France

Above, cheese dogs? In Paris?
No problem!
Below, falafel..and kosher, yet.


Falafel Palace, Paris, France