France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   Taxes in France
Tax (and service charges, if applicable) have already been included in the prices you pay in France. They will NOT be added to prices quoted to you.



All prices quoted to customers in France are "TTC" (tax and service included). That is, tax and service have already been included in the price you've been quoted. They will not be added to the price at payment time.

Your bill may list separately the amount and rate of taxes paid on your meal, but that's just so you know. They are NOT extra charges to be added.

Thus, if you have a cup of coffee that costs 2.50€, it should be listed on your bill as 2.50€, and you should pay 2.50€, but beneath this amount there may be an item such as "TVA 5.5%" (Value-Added Tax 5.5%) of 0.14€. This means that of the 2.50€ you'll pay for your coffee, 2.31€ is for the coffee and 15% service, and 0.14€ is tax.

The tax amount is for your information only. It is already included in the price of your cup of coffee.

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The hors d'oeuvres are taxed at only 5.5%,
the wine at 19.6%. But tax is not added
to your bill—it's included in the prices.

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