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Lots of cheesy dishes like fondue and raclette!




Chamonix-Mont-Blanc has a lot of restaurants, catering to the different budgets and desires of skiers and other visitors.

Most are in walking distance of the center of town. The Avenue Aiguille du Midi has four or five restaurants in a block, including the Omeletterie La Poule, serving omelets, pasta, and other reasonably priced fare. You'll see lots of cheese in the dishes served there, such as a tartiflette omelette—potatoes, bacon, eggs, onions, and reblochon cheese.

  Tartiflette, Chamonix, France
  Above, Tartiflette Omelette. Bring your appetite!

We enjoyed a delicious fondue at Le National, sitting outside in the warm October sun and seeing the cheese glisten in the sun. It's just a block or two south of the Tourist Information Office.

Other restaurants in this area include Le Monchu, with its traditional decor.

There are lots of places to buy sandwiches and snacks, if you are heading out for a hike or want to take a picnic. We took sandwiches when we went up the Aiguille du Midi, but also found there was a nice small restaurant at the top where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or a warm drink.

Of course, the major hotels also tend to have restaurants, and there are a variety of shops where you can buy food if you are staying in a self-catering apartment or just want to eat in after a long day.

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Fondue, Chamonix, France

Above ,Delicious fondue glistening in the sun.





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