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From sandwich shops to casino fare to elegant dining—you'll find them all in Evian.




The Rue Nationale is home to a number of small restaurants and cafes, particularly handy if you are looking to eat outside of regular meal times. In small towns in France like Évian, it's quite common for restaurants to serve lunch from about noon until 3:00, and then not open for dinner until about 7:00. So if you want to eat in the late afternoon, head to Rue Nationale.

Many of the hotels have restaurants, and there are also some nice places tucked away on side streets. We enjoyed a delicious meal of filet de féra, a fish from Lac Léman, at the tiny La Fourchette de L'Église, just behind the church. The name means "the fork of the church." The back streets of Évian host a number of similar small, high quality restaurants.

Be sure to ask your server to recommend a local wine. Although the wines of Savoie are not well known, there are some excellent ones, reasonably priced.

The Casino is home to several restaurants, ranging from Le Bureau, for steaks, burgers, and beer, to more formal fare.

Along the waterfront there are several restaurants, from the informal "Tuppy Beach" to La Voile, the large portside restaurant with a dramatic sail roof. Specializing in fish, its menu includes féra and perch. Farther east, at the Grande Rive and the Petite Rive, there are also casual waterfront restaurants.

If you would prefer to picnic, your best bet is to go to the market on Tuesday or Friday and pick up some delicious cheese, like tomme de savoie, and some local ham, along with fresh bread.

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Filet de féra, Evian, France

  Above, Filet de Féra from Lac Léman, with shrimp and black rice.

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