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You can travel from Geneva Airport to the city center for free. Here's how.




You can go by train from Geneva International Airport to the city center for free.

In the airport's baggage claim area, look for the train ticket machines. One of the machines is marked Free Tickets. Push the button and you receive a ticket for one journey to the city center. The ticket is valid for 80 minutes.

Now, follow signs for the Train Station:

Bus & Train station sign

...and when you reach it, for Genève Centre.

Genève Centre sign
Look for this sign in the airport's train station...

Many intercity trains begin their journeys at the Swiss National Railways (SBB CFF FFS) station right in the airport, and virtually all of them make their first stop at the Gare de Genève (Cornavin) in the city center. Any train from the Genève Centre platforms will take you to the Gare de Genève, first stop, in about 7 minutes.

You can also travel from Geneva Airport to the city center by city bus—also for free on that ticket you got from the machine in the baggage claim area—but the bus journey takes two or three times as long as the train journey, and is not as comfortable.

Both the train and bus departure times are listed in the train schedules, so if you prefer the train, be sure the departure you choose is for a train.

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Geneva Airport Train Station

The airport's train station doesn't look like one,
so follow the signs.

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