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From the splendid 5-star, 154-room Hôtel du Palais, a real palace right on the beach built for Napoleon III's Empress Eugénie, through smaller but still elegant 19th-century mansions and efficient modern hotels to rental apartments/flats and cozy bed-and-breakfast houses, Biarritz has a wonderful variety of lodgings in all price ranges. More...

The5-star, 126-room Sofitel Thalassa Miramar Biarritz has a highly-regarded spa for thalassotherapy, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and all rooms with terraces. More...

Want your own Biarritz mansion? It feels that way at the 5-star, 8-room Le Beaumanoir, a grand mansion with Baroque décor, an outdoor pool, and the Atlantic beaches within walking distance. More...

The 4-star, 48-room Qualys Hotel Windsor is right on the beach in the center of Biarritz, with comfortable, modern rooms and a restaurant overlooking the ocean. More...

Want to get out of the hubbub of the city center? Retire to the 4-star, 17-room Château du Clair de Lune, a 19th-century manor house in a spacious private park 4.5 km (3 miles) south of the center of Biarritz. More...

Biarritz has over a hundred other lodging possibilities:

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Hôtel du Palais, Biarritz, France

The Second Empire Hôtel du Palais,
on the beach in Biarritz, France.

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