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A beautiful church with a storied past.




The Église St-Jean-Baptiste, a large and beautiful Basque church, was built in the 14th and 15th centuries, though most likely on the site of an even older church.

In 1649 work began to enlarge the church, and so when Louis XIV and Maria Theresa were married here in 1660, the church was under construction. The doorway through which they left the church has since been bricked over, but it is visible and marked from the exterior.

The wedding was an extravagant affair, as might be expected, with lots of jewels and gold.

The interior of the church is also striking, with its 17th century golden altar. Beautiful oak galleries, paintings, and statues fill the church.

St-Jean-Baptiste is located in the heart of the old town, on Rue Gambetta. The Maison Louis XIV and the Maison de l'Infante, where the two stayed before the wedding, are just a short walk away.

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Golden altar, St-Jean-Baptiste, St-Jean-de-Luz, France

Above, Golden altar in the Église St-Jean-Baptiste.

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