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This charming small chapel is accessed via the Tourist Information Office.




The Chapelle des Élus is a small room tucked away in a corner of the Palais des Ducs de Bourgogne. Its charm comes from the many sculptures of baby angels that adorn its walls and doors:

Chapelle des Élus, Dijon, France

Chapelle des Élus, Dijon, France

Built under Louis XV in 1738-1739, the chapel appears to have been squeezed into the building, with its height making up for its narrowness. The king's architect, Jacques Gabriel, changed the original plans and is credited with its lovely decor.

The marble altar is also noteworthy. It was created by the Florentin architect and artist Servandoni, who is known as one of the great supporters of the Baroque style.

Access to the Chapelle des Élus is via the main Tourist Information Office (map) and is free.

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Altar, Chapelle des Elus, Dijon, France

Above, Servandoni Altar, Chapelle des Élus, Dijon.

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