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Confused by the various wine terms? Here are some tips.




Appellations means official categories of wines, and Bugundy has four of them:

Grand Cru

The best, top-class, most expensive wines—only 1.5% of all of Burgundy's wine production (4% of the Côte d'Or). Wine labels give the name of the particular climat (vineyard area) followed by the term Grand Cru, like this: Romanée-Conti Grand Cru.

Premier Cru

Next best, still noble wines, about 10% of production.

Commune (Village)

Wines which have been made only from the grapes, and by the vintners, of a particular villgte (commune in French), about 30% of production.

Burgundy Region

Wines made by any Burgundy vintner, from any grapes grown in the Burgundy region, nearly 60% of production.

Burgundy Wines




Excursions in Burgundy

Côte de Nuits

Côte de Beaune

Route des Grands Crus


Grapes of Burgundy

Food & Drink in Burgundy



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Wine, Nuits-St-Georges, France

A bottle of Côte de Nuits Villages, enjoyed with lunch in Nuits-St-Georges, Burgundy.

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