France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   What to See & Do in Dinan, France




you come to Dinan to experience a medieval walled city. What you see and do is walk around and explore. cobblestone streets, some very steep. little squares. half timbered buildings. flowers. towers, ramparts around the whole city, views.

walk around the ramparts, not on them except for a bit over the river.

Jeruzel (sp) street, long cobbled way down to the port, lots of crafts and old houses.

the port of Dinan, on the River Rance. boat trips, views, restaurants. boat trips to st malo and other places, or rent your own boat for short excursions. restaurants.

crafts and shops.

Church and heart. English gardens.

Other church, St Malo?

tour de l'horloge--157 steps to top. Great views, 3 small bells and one large, ring every quarter hour. For full effect, go at noon! Closed in winter.






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