France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   What to See & Do in Beynac, France
This beautiful medieval Dordogne River town is an attraction in itself, but you can also visit a castle and take a boating cruise if you wish.




Beynac is such a picturesque medieval town that simply wandering its streets, enjoying the views and peering down alleys can fill several hours, but if you're looking for direction, try this:

Château de Castelnaud

Built in the 1200s, Château de Castelnaud has seen its share of dramatic battles. Today this private château has the exhibits of catapults, battering rams, weapons and medieval armor to bring it all to life. More...

Boating on the Dordogne River

Canoes are for rent on the riverbank below Beynac, and boatmen in traditional gabarre river boats offer scenic rides. More...

View of the Dordogne River from the château at Beynac, France
The tiny dots at the bottom of the picture
are canoers on the Dordogne River...

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Beynac, Dordogne, France 

  Medieval Beynac...

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