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Cave paintings! Lascaux is world famous for its prehistoric art.




The name Lascaux has become synonymous with prehistoric cave paintings. The Lascaux Cave was discovered in 1940 and open to the public from 1948 until 1963. Unfortunately, during that time the presence of people led to the deterioration of the paintings, and the Cave was closed to protect them. In 1979 the Lascaux Cave was named as a UNESCO world heritage site.

After the closing, the public remained fascinated with Lascaux and the amazing paintings, so a replica was produced that included the Gallery of the Bulls and the Painted Gallery. Called Lascaux II, since 1983 this amazing reproduction has allowed visitors to experience some of the magic of these remarkable works of art. This site is near the original cave.

You can still visit Lascaux II today, only by reservation, but be aware that most tours are in French. Although it does not have as much art as Lascaux IV (see below), some people like the simplicity of the site.

Lascaux II entry, France
Entrance to Lascaux II.

Demand to see the paintings continued to grow, and in 2012 Lascaux III was developed. This is a series of five panels of reproductions of some of the cave paintings, and the exhibition travels the world, bringing the art to those far and wide.

That brings us to Lascaux IV, where you will probably want to spend your time. Opened in 2016, this interactive site brings together prehistory and technology and includes stunning replicas of the caves as well as many educational exhibits. More...

Lascaux IV, France
Entrance to dramatic building at Lascaux IV.

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