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You can revel in the rich cuisine of Périgord, but finding dishes outside of that caloric realm can be something of a challenge.




Sarlat restaurants are heavy on duck and goose dishes: fois gras, fois de oie, cuisses de canard, magret de canard, cabécou (fresh local goat cheese served with salad or on toast), etc.

Most menus concentrate on these famous regional classics, which makes sense as many visitors come just to dine here, but it means there is sometimes little variation among menus.

Luncheon choices include the usual pizzas, pastas, quiches, sandwiches, paninis, salades composées, and the traditionla dishes, but at dinnertime most restaurants offer set-price menus heavy on the traditional dishes, as though you'd want fois gras every night.

Perhaps you do!

In any case, there are usually a few concessions to other tastes: one fish, one beef and one chicken main course, for example. The menu à la carte may have more choices, but will still be heaviest on la cuisine sarladaise, so it may well be said you'll get your fill of the rich dishes of Périgord during your time in Sarlat.

Le Présidial, rue du Présidial & rue Landry, has tables set in beautiful garden terraces, also a high-ceilinged indoor dining room with a formal feel. Two set-price menus (a third—the least expensive—for lunch only) feature the Périgord classics, including gateau de noix (nut cake). The selection of Bergerac wines is interesting, with France's most famous wine regions also represented. Good service, very good cooking.

Restaurant Le Présidial, Sarlat, Dordogne, France
Gardens & mansion of Le Présidial, Sarlat...

Le Saint Julhian, nearby on rue du Présidial, is closer to the Place de la Liberté, but quieter, away from the hubbub of the main square. Tables set beneath trees are the place to dine in good weather; the indoor dining room is fine otherwise. We found the food good (even the seafood, so far from the sea!) and the prices quite reasonable.

Auberge Le Mirandol, 7 rue des Consuls, features a restaurant of the same name with its own little Lascaux-type cave at the back of the dining room. The food is good, the prices moderate.

When you want a change from la cuisine Périgordine, try La Taverne du Croquant, 19 rue République, which also has pizzas, pastas, shrimp, steaks, and a wider choice of non-Périgord dishes at very moderate prices.

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