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An ancient region in southern France, now part of Occitania, it holds numerous fascinating places to visit.




Languedoc, a historic province of France, is now contained in the region of Occitanie in Southern France. The ancient language of the region lenge d'oc, also known as Occitan or Provençal, is still alive in the region.

The region is famous for several staples of French cuisine, including cassoulet, the hearty bean-duck-pork stew said to have been invented in Castelnaudary; cheeses, including Roquefort and some fine brebis, or sheep's milk cheeses, and goat cheeses; and fish stew called Bourride. As for wines, those of Languedoc are less known than those of Bordeaux and Burgundy, but are tasty nonetheless, and usually less expensive.

Among the towns and cities of Languedoc are these interesting places:


A beautiful mountain town with fine architecture but a turbulent history. More...


With its spectacular medieval fortified castle-town called La Cité perched on a hill overlooking the River Aude and the modern city, Carcassonne is a must-see. More...


This major port on the Canal du Midi is also a great place to dine on cassoulet. More...


Among the fastest-growing cities in France, it boasts a large student population, maintaining a youthful vibe. The Mediterranean is only a short ride away. More...


An important town at the junction of two Roman roads, Narbonne has a gigantic cathedral—never finished—and a grand archbishop's palace. It's the eastern terminus of the Canal du Midi. More...


Nîmes has a perfectly-preserved white marble Roman temple and a huge Roman amphiteater. More...


Although not strictly within the bounds of historic Languedoc, this city near the Spanish border has a strong Catalan influence. More...


This pretty seaside resort town just a short train ride from Montpellier is perfect for sand, sea and sun. More...


Once the capital of the province and now France's high-tech and aerospace center, red-brick Toulouse looks like no other city in France. More...

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Towers of Carcassonne, France

Towers of La Cité, the medieval fortified hilltop town in Carcassonne, France.

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