France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   Loire Food and Wine, France
The Loire is one of the major wine regions of France and is also known for its cuisine.




The Loire Valley is a great place to eat and drink. Whether you're touring Vouvray and visiting caves or sampling some of the many local pork dishes, you'll eat and drink well.

Local specialites include Rillons and Rillettes, two pork products found in most charcuteries or delis. Another item often seen on menus is andouillette, a tripe sausage I tried only once.

Local markets are also great places to experience traditional foods. The market in Amboise offers a huge range of foods from the region. You can even sample some local wines, even early on Sunday morning!

Wine tasting, Amboise Market, France

And of course, don't forget the pâtisseries for a sweet treat!

Rillons and Rillettes

Amboise Restaurants

What to See and Do in Amboise

Loire Valley Transportation

Loire Valley




Garlic, Amboise Market, France

Above, Piles of local garlic at the Market in Amboise, France.

Below, My one and only andouillette (served with frites, of course!)

Andouillette, Amboise, France

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