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This small château in a charming town is a fine example of 15th century architecture.



The Château de Langeais is less known than many of the Loire Valley Chateaux, but it is an interesting one to visit.

Built by Louis XI from 1465 to 1469, it was not changed after construction so retains a unity of style. It sits right in the middle of the charming town of Langeais and is easily reached on food from the nearby market area and center of town.

The interior includes fifteen rooms, decorated in 15th century style, and a large collection of French and Flemish tapestries. In addition, there is a reconstruction—in wax—of the royal wedding of Anne de Bretagne and Charles VIII, which took place at the Château in 1491

Historical note: After the death of Charles VIII, Anne de Bretagne married Louis XII and was again Queen. She died in 1514 at the Château de Blois.

The large gardens provide a lovely place to wander and offer beautiful views of the River Loire, as well as ruins of a chapelvarious play places for children. A multi-tiered tree house provides views and fun for all ages.

The Château de Langeais is entered via a drawbridge over a moat. The drawbridge is raised and lowered daily at opening and closing. Inside the gate, you can see the ruins of the medieval keep, which dates from the 10th century.

Langeais is about 24 kilometers southwest of Tours. It is not far from the Châteaux of Villandry, Azay-le-Rideau, and Ussé and might be combined with visits to one or more of those.

Château de Langeais
37130 Langeais, France
Tel: +33 (0)2 47 96 72 60
Fax: +33 (0)2 47 96 54 44

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Château de Langeais, France

Above, Château de Langeais, France.
Below, Ruins of the Keep, Château de Langeais.

Ruins of the Keep, Château de Langeais, France

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