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Part of Les Machines de l'Île, Le Grand Éléphant offers a unique perspective on things!





Les Machines de l'Île is a cool place. Elephants are cool. Put them together and you've got Le Grand Éléphant!

Le Grand Éléphant is 12 meters (about 40 feet) high, 8 meters (about 26 feet) wide, and 21 meters (about 69 feet) long. Made of steel and wood, it can accommodate 50 people. It travels at a speed of 1-3 kilometers/hour (you'll never reach 2 miles per hour), so it's best to settle back and relax and enjoy the views from 40 feet up. The éléphant makes a circuit between the Galerie des Machines and the Carrousel, so you'll see the whole site from up high, as well as get some nice views of the Loire River and the city of Nantes.

As you travel, you will learn how the elephant works and have a chance to explore its feet and see its trunk in action. A whimsical side deck provides a different perspective.

Le Grand elephant, Nantes
Looks rather homey, doesn't it?

Since the elephant can only take 50 travelers/trip and it moves slowly, it's best to reserve your trip in advance. And be sure to allow plenty of time to also visit La Galerie des Machines and the Carrousel des Mondes Marins!

Separate tickets are required for each element of Les Machines de Nantes, and schedules vary from exhibition to exhibition. Check the website of Les Machines de Nantes for current information.

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  Le Grand Elephant, Nantes, France

All aboard! Le Grand Éléphant was having maintenance when we visited, but don't worry. You won't have to climb that ladder; a second floor boarding gate lets you walk right in.





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