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Deauville built its reputation as a luxury resort in the 19th century.




The neighboring towns of Deauville and Trouville, France, are on the coast of Normandy, between Honfleur and Caen.

The area is known as the Côte Fleurie, or flowered coast, and in season many beautiful flowers line the roads and beaches.

Although Deauville dates to the 11th century, it was largely developed in the 19th century as a resort for wealthy Parisians and internationals.

The town boasts a number of lavish Victorian houses built for these early pleasure-seekers and still used today. The gingerbread decoration recalls a bygone era.

The wide golden sand beach provides ample opportunities for swimming, sun bathing, and walking. The beach can be accessed via Les Planches, a wooden boardwalk that runs the length of it.

Deauville is also known as a center for horse breeding and racing, and international meets attract horse owners from around the world. Horse auctions have been offered since the late 19th century.

The beachfront is home to several large casinos, which continue to attract an international audience. Deauville also has built a reputation for thalassotherapy, or sea water therapy for joints and skin.

Since the 1970s Deauville has hosted an annual American Film Festival, usually in September. The Claude LeLouch classic, A Man and a Woman (Un Homme et Une Femme, 1966), starting Anouk Aimée and Jean-Louis Trintignant, was set in Deauville.

The short drive from Deauville to Trouville provides lovely views of the coast and the Victorian architecture.




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Casino, Deauville, France

Above, Seaside Casino in Deauville,
Normandy, France.

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