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The historic Vieux Port is the focus of visitors to La Rochelle: ancient walls & towers, a modern Aquarium, restaurants, cafés and shops.




Because of its strategic importance as a port, La Rochelle has a fine variety of architecture which has been well preserved, even to the World War II German U-boat (submarine) pens in the harbor.

Le Vieux Port

Le Vieux Port, the city's historic harbor, is the place to walk the ramparts of the city walls, stroll along the harbor, and take a table in a café or restaurant.

Boat cruises depart the harbor to take in views of the Île d'Aix and Fort Boyard offshore from the Île d'Oléron.

Cathédrale Saint-Louis de La Rochelle

This Neo-Classical church was dedicated in 1784—even though its construction was not complete. It was finished nearly a century later. The Reformation-iconoclastic Gothic bell tower (clocher) is much older, having been part of the Église de Saint-Barthélémy (1152).

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Île d'Oléron


Poitou-Charentes Region


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Aquarium, La Rochelle, France

La Rochelle's modern Aquarium at the Vieux Port.





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