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90 km (56 miles) northwest of Marseilles and 33 km (21 miles) southwest of Nîmes (map), Aigues-Mortes is a medieval town with well-preserved walls and gates.

Located at the edge of the salty Rhône river delta, at the western limits of the Camargue (called the Petite Camargue), its navigable connection to the Mediterranean is the Canal du Rhône a Sète.

People have been gathering salt from the wet plains and marshes here since stone-age times. The Romans continued the industry, and in the late 700s Charlemagne fortified the town.

Today Aigues-Mortes is a popular destination for day-trips. Visitors come to stroll its narrow streets, peer in its shops, buy ice cream, snacks and souvenirs, and to dine in restaurants in its main square or back streets. Bull steaks (taureau) are a prominent menu item.

A walking tour of the medieval ramparts is the most prominent activity, along with flat-boat cruises of the wet plains and canal.

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