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From beaches to nature to museums, there's lots to do in the Camargue.




The Camargue is a large area formed by the delta of the Rhône River, and mainly consists of salt marshes. It extends south from Arles for over 30 km (19 miles) and covers 85,000 hectares (328 square miles).

Now protected as the Parc Naturel Régional de Camargue, it teems with birds and other wildlife, and is famous for its local breed of horses of a lineage stretching back to prehistoric times.

Camargue horses, France

The Camargue has a number of traditional festivals, which focus on the horses and bulls. More...

The main town of interest is the beach resort of Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, about 37 kilometers (23 miles) south of Arles. You can drive there from Arles in about 35 minutes, but you'll probably want to stop along the way to enjoy the scenery and wildlife.

Château d'Avignon

You can stop at the beautiful Château d'Avignon. Originally built in the 1700s, it was extensively renovated in the late 19th century by Louis Noilly-Prat, best known as a producer and seller of vermouth. The Château offers guided visits in the spring and summer.

Musée de la Camargue

The Musée de la Camargue (renovated in 2013) provides helpful information about the history and environment of the Camargue. Walking paths allow visitors to get a sense of the landscape. More...

The flat roads with little traffic make the Camargue a popular spot for bike riders.

There are also a number of excursions that can be taken, both on horseback and on the water. Boats leave from Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, and a variety of places offer guided horseback riding. Check with the Tourist Information Office in Les-Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, or in Arles for more information.

About the Camargue

Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

Camargue Tourist Information

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Beach, Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France

Above, The beach at Les-Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer.


Château d'Avignon, Camargue, France

Château d'Avignon, Camargue, France.

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