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Museums in Marseille are varied and offer a wide range of exhibits.




Marseille has a variety of museums that provide history, art, and local culture. Many were restored prior to 2013, when Marseille was celebrated as a European Capital of Culture.

Musée des Docks Romains

Located on the Vieux Port, this museum focuses on objects found on the site. These range from Greek and Roman objects to later periods in history. Marseille's importance as a trading center i also featured.

Docks Romains, Marseille
Sign for the Docks Romains du Lacydon, in the Vieux Port.

Centre de la Vieille Charité

Located in the Panier district, the Vieille Charité is home to several municipal museums. These include the Museum of Mediterranean Archaeology; the Museum of African Arts; the Museum of Oceanian Arts; and the Museum of Amerindian Arts.

The Centre also hosts temporary exhibitions and has a cinema and a café.

Musée d'Histoire de Marseille

This museum traces the long history of Marseille, back 26 centuries. It's located near the head of the Vieux Port in the quartier Belsunce.

Musée des Beaux-Arts

The Fine Arts Museum is located in the Palais Longchamp, north of the center of town and the train station. The Palais also houses the Musée d'Histoire Naturelle.

Musée des Civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée

This museum complex is inside the Fort Saint-Jean, at the ship entrance to the Vieux Port.

This museum, which underwent extensive renovations as part of Marseille's preparation to be a European Capital of Culture 2013, is the first museum specifically dedicated to the culture, history, and civilizations of the Mediterranean.

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La Vieille Charité, Marseille

Above, Centre de la Vieille Charité, Marseille.


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