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France's most important naval port surrounds a vast harbor that also serves ferryboats to Corsica. Trains, buses, highways and flights connect the port to Marseille, Nice & the rest of France.





Toulon, 840 km (522 miles) southeast of Paris on the Mediterranean coast of Frovence (map), is a natural port for a great navy: vast, well protected from the sea and well defended from attack.

The harbor was bombed extensively in World War II, and later rebuilt as modern, but much of the historic town inland survived. This Ancien Ville has some interesting streets and historic buildings such as the Cathédrale.

The Upper Town, the 19th-century Ville Haussmann around the Place de la Liberté, was developed during the Second Empire (1852-1870) of Louis Napoléon by Baron Georges-Eug¡ene Haussmann, who later rebuilt Paris for the emperor.

What to See & Do

Explore the narrow streets of the Ancien Ville and drop in for a look at the Cathédrale de Toulon. The Avenue Jean Moulin, connecting the port with the Gare de Toulon (train station), is the site of a l-o-n-g street market nearly every day of the year. (The historic marketplace, Halles de Toulon, is slated for restoration.)


Huge Corsica ferries dock at the port near Hotel de Ville, where you'll also find the Office de Tourisme.

The Gare de Toulon (train station) is 900 meters (6/10 mile, 12-minute walk) north of the port near the Place de la Liberté in the Haussmann district. TER regional trains run frequently along the coast between Marseille, Nice, and the Côte d'Azur, stopping at Toulon.

The Réseau Mistral is the city bus system. More...

Boats in Toulon harbor, France
Toulon: a city of boats, ships and the sea.

Where to Stay

As an important military, naval, commercial, transport and tourist city, Toulon has many, many hotels located throughout its sprawling territory. Here's how to find the one for you:





Côte d'Azur

Transport in France




Le Génie de la Navigation statue, Toulon, France

Le Génie de la Navigation statue
in the Port of Toulon.


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