France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   Special Interest Trips in France
Bicycling, beaches, canal barge cruises, cuisine, skiing—France has lots of opportunities for special trips.





With long coastlines on both the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, France is amply supplied with good beaches. Its beachside resort towns have been famous for centuries.


Bicycle touring is one of the most popular sports in France. More...

Canal Barge Cruises

France has had an extensive canal system for centuries. No longer used for freight, it has become a delightful water-highway system for barge cruises. More...


Is French cuisine the world's best? Many people think so. Any good cook must have at least a beginner's knowledge of French cuisine. You can learn on your trip.


With some of the world's most beautiful terrain and topography, the Alps and their tallest peak, and too many historic sites to count, France is a hiker's paradise.

Skiing & Snowboarding

The French Alps boast hundreds of ski lifts, dozens of charming towns and villages, spectacular scenery, and the highest mountain in Western Europe (Mont Blanc). Whatever you want in the way of skiing and snowboarding, it's here. More...

Bicycling in France

Canal Barge Cruising

Special-Interest Trips

When to Go to France

Where to Go in France

Transportation in France


Paris Girls Secret Society, a novel by Tom Brosnahan


Canal barge moored at Josselin, Brittany, France

Canal barge moored at Josselin, Brittany.




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