France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   Typical Car Rental Costs in France
Here's what we paid to hire/rent a compact but sufficient vehicle for a recent trip in France.




Here are charges for a typical 6-day rental/hire of a compact-size Peugeot 207 sedan with two non-youthful drivers in France:

Item   Cost
Rental fee (including Liability Insurance & VAT)   171
Collision & Theft Insurance   Declined*
Additional Driver(s) + VAT   40
Young Driver Surcharge   --
Licenses & Fees + VAT   19
V.A.T. (Value-Added Tax/Sales Tax)   Included
Infant/Child/Booster seat(s)   --
Global Positioning System (GPS)   --
Ski Rack/Snow Chains   --
Total   230€
Average cost per day   38.33€

*We charged the rental to a credit card which has ample Collision & Theft Insurance coverage.

Car Hire/Rental in France

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Peugeot 207, France

Our Peugeot 207: we would have preferred
a color other than black....


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