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Travel industry information such as prices, hours of operation, business practices and standards, may change unexpectedly at any time. Although we do our best to provide high-quality information, we cannot control the changes that may and do come about daily to that information.

The information provided by the Travel Info Exchange, Inc. on the Paris Travel Planner and France Travel Planner websites, in private consultations, e-mail messages, and individually-planned itineraries, is provided AS IS, and no warranty is made as to its accuracy, timeliness, utility or completeness.

The user of the information is responsible for independently confirming the information through other, independent sources; and the user is responsible for the consequences of any decision made based on any information provided by the Travel Info Exchange, Inc. by any means or medium, including via the Internet, telephone, letter, in person, or by other means.

We strongly recommend that every traveler consult sources such as the US Department of State's Consular Information Sheet on France and other official notices regarding the safety of travel to foreign countries before making any travel decisions, or traveling to or in any particular country or region.

The Travel Info Exchange, Inc. accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, injury, expense or inconvenience sustained by anyone using any information provided.


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Palais de Justice, Paris, France

Palais de Justice, Paris, France.

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