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Jane Fisher first went to Paris in the summer of 1968, just after "les événements de mai," the major student and worker demonstrations that virtually shut down France for a period of time.

As a French major at Lawrence University, she had used the Michelin Green Guide to Paris as a text book and arrived with a comprehensive knowledge of the city, which she quickly put to use.

Subsequent visits have only deepened her love of France and Paris.

Additional study and work in France included a summer course at the University of Dijon (where she also took cooking classes) and a stint as an English teaching assistant in Limoges.

Returning to the US, she was one of the first employees of the Earthwatch Institute. At Earthwatch she used her French to manage a major solar eclipse expedition in Mauritania.

From Earthwatch she went to Harvard Business School, graduating with an MBA, and began a successful career as a consultant. She is a founding Principal of Cambridge Concord Associates (CCA) consulting in strategic planning, organization, and governance.

In addition, furthering her love of baking and of pies in particular, she started, a website devoted to pie recipes, tips, and lore (including Tarte Tatin and Clafouti).

Jane is enchantée to have joined Travel Info Exchange, Inc. as a co-owner, partner, writer, photographer and consultant to develop and

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