France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   Paris Safety Checklist
Seven simple steps to protect yourself from scams, theft and robbery in Paris and all of France.





Your chance of being near a scam, pickpocket, fake, robber, etc. in Paris is near 100%. Another danger: bicycles!

You can avoid 99% of the danger by using this checklist:

1. Leave valuables in your hotel

Leave your valuables in the safe in your hotel room, or in the hotel safe—passport, money, credit & debit cards, good jewelry & watches. Take only what you'll need for each outing, such as a minimum of cash and one credit card. More...

2. Carry valuables carefully

Carry valuables under your clothing: in a neck pouch, money belt, etc. Here are some examples:

—If you must use a pocket, put valuables (wallet, mobile phone) in a front pocketNEVER a back pocket!— and keep your hand in that front pocket whenever people are close around you.

Carry your purse strap across your body, not just over a shoulder, and clutch your purse close whenever people are close around you.

—Watch, grip or touch other bags or luggage at all times when in public transport and while sitting in public places (waiting rooms, cafés, restaurants, etc.). If you can't see or feel it, a thief can steal it.

3. Identify dangerous situations

Remember: the unsafe places are where people are close around you, where there are few other people in sight, and/or when your attention is directed away from yourself. Be situationally aware! More...

4. Guard your mobile phone

Be very careful when using your mobile phone in public. Over half of all robberies on public transport and at stations in Paris involve mobile phone theft. More...

5. Be safe at ATM/Cash Machines

Prefer cash machines inside a building, with people passing by, but no one loitering at the machine. If in doubt, find another machine (preferably inside), or return later. More...

6. Learn how robberies happen

Learn where/how most robberies happen and how to avoid them. More...

7. Learn about Paris scams & ripoffs

Learn about Paris scams and how to avoid them. More...

8. Watch for Speeding Bicycles!

This is not a joke! Paris has bicycle lanes on very many streets and sidewalks. Some bike lanes carry bikeand electric scooter traffic going in the opposite direction from the car traffic, so you must look both ways, for speeding bicycles, even on one-way streets.

Also, what might look like a broad sidewalk may in fact be divided into pedestrian and bicycle lanes. If you're a pedestrian and you stray into a bike lane, you may be struck by a bike rider going as fast as 15 miles per hour (24 km/h), resulting in serious injury.

Familiarize yourself with Paris bike lanes, and cross them as carefully as car lanes. More...

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Anywhere people are close around you, protect your valuables!




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