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Your Paris hotel will wash your clothes and charge you more than you paid to buy the clothes. Here's a better way: laundromats/laundrettes all over Paris.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Yes, you can do your
laundry near the
Eiffel Tower...
See Champ-de-Mars & Eiffel Tower (7e-15e)...

Basilique du Sacré-Coeur, Montmartre, Paris, France

Plenty of laveries in
near the
Basilique du Sacré-Coeur!

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Paris is the sort of place where even doing your laundry can be a pleasure—with the right approach.

If you can walk to a laundromat (laverie libre-service, self-service laundromat/ laundrette), good. If you can't, take the Métro and look at it as yet another exploration of Paris. While your clothes are sloshing, explore a different part of the city.

Our lists of laundromats are designed to help you do that.

About Paris Laveries

The typical Paris laverie libre-service is open seven days a week, for long hours (usually 07:00 am or 08:00 am to 19:00 (7 pm) or in some cases as late as 22:00 (10 pm), making it convenient to wash your laundry.

Ask at your hotel, or at a shop in your neighborhood, for the nearest laverie libre-service: Où est la laverie libre-service la plus proche?

Whether close or far, use your backpack or wheeled suitcase as a laundry bag and travel to the nearest laverie.

Laundromats in Central Paris

Read the notes below, which are coordinated with our MAP of laundromats in central Paris (Latin Quarter, Le Marais, Place Monge, Invalides, Champ-de-Mars/Eiffel Tower, Montparnasse, Bastille—over a quarter million views so far!).

Latin Quarter (6e)

Here they are, right in the center of Left Bank Paris:

Saint Germain Lav' Club, 9 rue Lobineau (Métro: Line 10 to Mabillon) near the corner with rue Mabillon, opposite Le Marché Couvert Saint Germain, open every day from 07:00 am to 21:00 (9 pm). The Marché has both boutiques and wonderful gourmet food shops.

Laverie Julice, 56 rue de Seine, off rue Jacob and rue de Buci (Métro: Line 10 to Mabillon or Line 4 to Saint-Germain-des-Prés).

Laverie Julice, 22 rue des Grands Augustins, north of rue St-André-des-Arts, with instructions in English! (Métro: Line 4 or 10 to Odéon).

Laverie Éclat, 12 rue Mayet, between rue de Sèvres and rue du Cherche-Midi (Métro: Line 10 or Line 13 to Duroc).

SBD Laverie Libre Service, 3 rue de la Montagne Sainte-Geneviève, just south of Boulevard St-Germain (Métro: Line 10 to Maubert-Mutualité).

Montparnasse (6e & 14e)

From the Jardin de Luxembourg toward the huge Gare Montparnasse SNCF train station, in one of the neighborhoods favored by the Lost Generation, are a few places to fix those smelly travel clothes:

Lav'-Club, 55 rue du Cherche-Midi, between rue St-Placide and rue de l'Abbé-Grégoire (Métro: Line 4 to Saint-Placide or Vaneau)

Laverie Libre Service S.B.S., 16 rue Bréa, at rue Jules Chaplain, near the intersection of boulevard Raspail and boulevard Montparnasse (Métro: Line 4 to Vavin)

Laverie, 51 rue Pernety, southeast of rue Raymond Losserand (Métro: Line 13 to Pernety)

Le Marais (4e)

The central artsy, gay and Jewish quarter on the Right Bank has lots of laveries:

Laverie Libre Service, 40 rue Montmorency (between rue Beaubourg and rue Saint-Martin; Métro: Line 11 to Rambuteau)

Laverie Libre Service, 40 rue du Sicile (between rue Vieille du Temple and rue des Ecouffes; Métro: Line 1 to Saint-Paul)

Laverie Libre Service, 23 rue du Petit Musc (at rue de la Cerisaie (Métro: Line 7 to Sully Morland)

SBS Laverie, 18 rue Commines (near boulevard du Temple; Métro: Line 8 to Filles du Calvaire

Rue & Place Monge (5e & 13e)

This delightful residential district has Hemingway's Place de la Contrescarpe and rue Moufetard, as well as the Grand Mosque and the Jardin des Plantes, as well as these laundromats:

Laverie, 63 rue Monge, at rue de Navarre (Métro: Line 7 to Place Monge).

Laverie Libre Service, 18 rue Ortolan, off rue Mouffetard (Métro: Line 7 to Place Monge).

Laverie Lav Speed Libre Service, 41 rue du Fer a Moulin, at rue de la Collégiale, off Avenue des Gobelins (Métro: Line 7 to Censier-Daubenton or Les Gobelins)

Laverie, 84 rue Claude Bernard, at rue Rataud (Métro: Line 7 to Censier-Daubenton)

Laverie Libre Service, 16 rue des Patriarches, between rue de l'Arbalète and rue de Mirbel (Métro: Line 7 to Censier-Daubenton)

Laverie Libre Service, 22 rue Berthollet, at rue des Lyonnais (Métro: Line 7 to Les Gobelins)

Laverie Libre Service, 15 boulevard Saint-Marcel (Métro: Line 5 to Saint-Marcel)

Laverie Libre Service, 216 rue Saint-Jacques, at rue Pierre & Marie Curie (RER B to Luxembourg)

Laverie Libre Service, 320 rue Saint-Jacques, south of rue du Val-de-Grace (RER B: Port-Royal)

Lav'Net', 88bis boulevard de Port Royal, between rue Saint-Jacques and rue Pierre Nicole (RER B: Port-Royal)

Les Halles - Montorgeuil (1e & 2e)

North of Les Halles off the popular and trendy rue Montorgeuil are several laundromats/ laundrettes:

Laverie, 19 rue Marie Stuart, east of rue Montorgeuil (Métro: Line 3 to Sentier or Line 4 to Étienne Marcel)

Laverie, 7 rue Mandar, east of rue Montmartre, west of rue Montorgeuil (Métro: Line 3 to Sentier)

Laverie, 30 rue Étienne Marcel, just east of rue Montorgeuil (Métro: Line 4 to Étienne Marcel)

Laverie Libre-Service Miele, 7 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, between rue Saint-Honoré and rue du Pélican (Métro: Line 1 to Louvre-Rivoli or Line 4 to Les Halles)

Laverie Automatique, 49 rue de Richelieu, between rue des Petitis Champs and rue Villedo, is northwest of Les Halles (Métro: Line 3 to Bourse or Quatre-September, or Kine 7 or Line 14 to Pyramides).

Invalides (7e)

Laverie, corner of rue de Grenelle and rue Valadon, one block southwest of rue Cler (Métro: Line 8 to La Tour-Maubourg or École Militaire)

Eiffel Tower & Champ-de-Mars (7e/15e)

Laverie Libre Service, 38 boulevard Garibaldi, opposite avenue de Ségur (Métro: Line 6 to Cambronne or Line 10 to Ségur)

Laverie Libre Service, 24 rue de Lourmel, between rue Fallempin and rue Fondary (Métro: Line 10 to Émile Zola)

Laverie Libre Service, rue Emeriau at rue du Théâtre, in the building complex near the Bibliothèque Andrée Chedid (Métro: Line 10 to Charles Michel)

Miele & Lav' Club, 14 rue Beaugrenelle, at rue Saint Charles (Métro: Line 10 to Charles Michel)

Grands Boulevards (9e/10e)

Lav & Go, 12 rue Poissonière, south of rue Beauregard (Métro: Line 8 or 9 to Bonne Nouvelle, or Line 3 to Sentier)

Lav & Go Laverie (Laundromat), Paris, FranceLav & Go, a modern Laverie libre-service
north of the Montorgeuil neighborhood near Grands Boulevards in Paris.

Lav'club, 9 rue Geoffroy-Marie, between rue Richer and rue Montmartre; Métro: Line 7 to Sentier, or Lines 8 or 9 to Grands Boulevards or Drouot.

Laverie Lav Express, 5 rue de la Grange Batelière, west of rue Montmartre; Métro: Line 7 to Sentier, or Lines 8 or 9 to Grands Boulevards or Drouot.

Laverie Libre Service, 37 rue de Trevise, between rue Bleue and rue Richer; Métro: Line 7 to Cadet.

Bastille (11e)

Place de la Bastille has the Paris Opéra, and is near the Bassin de l'Arsenal, where cruising canal boats moor. After your cruise wash your clothes here:

Laverie Libre Service, 4 rue de Lappe, at rue de la Roquette (Métro: Line 1, 5 or 8 to Bastille)

Laverie Libre-Service, 59 rue Saint-Maur at rue Lacharrière, near the Atelier des Lumières (Métro: Line 3 to Rue Saint-Maur)

Hospital District (13e)

In the 13th arrondissement, south of the Jardin des Plantes and the mosque:

Laverie, 58 rue Jenner, at Place Louis Armstrong (Métro: Line 5 to Campo Formio)

Laverie Livre-Service, 23 rue de Campo-Formio northwest of Place Pinel (Métro: Line 5 to Campo Formio or Line 6 to Nationale)

Montmartre (8e, 9e, 18e)

A district in northern Paris with many young families and children, it has lots of laveries, and top-rank things to see and do. You can get there quickly and easily by Métro. Here are all the laveries...

Laveries in Northern Paris

There are also lots more laundromats only a short Métro ride away in northern Paris around Montmartre. Here they are...

How to Use a Paris Laverie

Here's how to use a Paris laundromat/ laundrette.

Laundry in Your Apartment/Flat

If you're renting an apartment in Paris, it may be equipped with its own laundry facilities, in which case you can save even more money. More...

Map of Central Paris Laundromats

Map of Northern Paris Laundromats

About Northern Paris Laundromats

How to Use a Paris Laverie

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Finding Your Way in Paris

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Paris Girls Secret Society, the new novel by Tom Brosnahan


Laverie Lav-Speed, Laundromat, Paris, France
A Paris Laverie (Laundromat/Laundrette).

Grocery shop, rue Mouffetard, Paris, France
Lots of laveries near rue & place Monge (5e & 13e) and the market street of rue Mouffetard...

Paris Girls Secret Society, the new novel by Tom Brosnahan
Good reading about Paris
while you're in the laundromat...

Laundromat/Laundrette, Paris, France

rue Royal, Paris, France
View from the Place de la Concorde across the Seine to the Palais Bourbon (Assemblée Nationale) and the dome of Les Invalides.

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