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Albertville became known after it hosted the 1992 Olympics.




Albertville is a small town in the Alps, best known for having hosted the Olympics in 1992. Many of the Olympic buildings are still used, and some can be visited.

The town dates largely from the 18th and early 19th centuries. The center of town is the long and narrow Place de l'Europe. Its striking columned buildings lead to Le Dome Cultural Center, and frame a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. Le Dome houses a theater, library, and cinema.

Place de l'Europe, Albertville, France  
Place de l'Europe, with lovely mountains in the background.  

The rest of the center consists of narrow streets, lined with shops, restaurants, and churches, along the Arly River. Tree lined squares make for pleasant wandering.

Perhaps the most interesting site in Albertville is the medieval village of Conflans, located on the hill on the other side of the Arly, and overlooking also the Isère River.

With buildings dating from the 14th century, this charming village includes a 16th century château, a historic gate, the main street with craft workshops, a church, and a fountain. It is also where you'll find the Museum of Art and History—sometimes referred to as the Red House (Maison Rouge) because of its brick construction.

Conflans also has a selection of restaurants and cafés and is a pleasant place for lunch or a drink.

Conflans is perched high on the hill, so it also offers lovely views of Albertville and the confluence of the Isère and the Arly, as well as the various mountains that surround the town.

You can walk across the bridge from Albertville and up the hill, or you can drive across and park in one of the parking lots. The line B bus from Albertville will also take you there. It's about 15 minutes on foot or just a few minutes by car. (map)

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Conflans, Albertville, France

Above, View of medieval village of Conflans from Albertville.

Below, Narrow street in Albertville.


Albertville, France

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