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Smaller than Strasbourg but just as medieval at its heart, Colmar is simpler and calmer, and a delight to visit. On its outskirts are astonishingly beautiful Alsatian wine-making villages.




The city of Colmar, Alsace, 76 km (47 miles, less than an hour's drive; map) south of Strasbourg , is a similarly charming though smaller city with winding medieval streets, houses from the 1400s and 1500s, a little "river" (brook), a medieval cathedral, and plenty of tourists.

You can visit and enjoy Colmar easily on a day-trip by car or train from Strasbourg, or even on a longer but still possible day-trip by fast TGV train from Paris.

If you want to stay the night and extend your visit to the nearby Alsatian wine-making villages of Eguisheim and/or Ribeauvillé, staying overnight is a good idea.

Place du Champ-de-Mars, Colmar, Alsace, France
A summer afternoon in the place du Champ-de-Mars, Colmar.

Vibrant and bustling on weekdays and Satuday, Colmar is quiet on Sunday, with most shops closed.

Tourists circulate happily through its streets, shop for souvenirs, visit its worthy museums, and fill its many restaurants, but most of the citizens of Colmar are elsewhere.

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Colmar, Alsace, France

Medieval houses in Colmar, Alsace, France.

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