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There is a small Office de Tourisme in the Gare de Strasbourg, but the main office is right next to the cathedral in the city center (map).

There is a small charge for good city plans (maps), but much of the other information is free of charge. (You can probably obtain a less-detailed but still adequate city plan from the reception desk of your hotel at no charge.)

Ask about tours and especially the Strasbourg Pass which can reduce your cost for numerous museums and activities (such as the popular river cruises). The passes are sold at the Office de Tourisme.

Office de Tourisme de Strasbourg et sa Région
17 place de la Cathédrale - B.P. 70020
Tel: +33 (3) 88 52 28 28
Fax: +33 (3) 88 52 28 29

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Office de Tourisme, Strasbourg, France

Office de Tourisme, Strasbourg, France.

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