France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   Best Hotels in Verdun, France
Verdun has numerous chambres d'hôtes (bed-and-breakfast houses), and several hotels, one of which is a standout.





If it's within your budget, and you find a vacancy among its 40 very comfortable rooms, the best place to stay in Verdun is the grand, 4-star Les Jardins du Mess, on the Quai de la République overlooking the River Meuse. Besides its many comforts and its perfect center-of-the-city location, it is within walking distance of many of the sites you'll want to visit. More...

If that hotel is fully booked, there are others in all price ranges:

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Les Jardins du Mess Hotel, Verdun, France

Hôtel Les Jardins du Mess





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