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Car is the best way to get to Verdun and to visit the World War I battlefields, monuments and cemeteries in the region.





Unless you have your own vehicle, Verdun is not as easy to reach from Paris as are many larger cities in the Grand Est (Northeastern France) such as Reims, Metz and Nancy.


See the transportation pages for Reims, Metz, Nancy and Paris for information on airports in this region.

There's also the small Aéroport Paris-Vatry (XCR), formerly named Châlons-Vatry, 126 km (78 miles) southwest of Verdun (map).


Train travel from Paris's Gare de l'Est to Verdun usually requires a correspondance (connection): you go by TGV train to the Gare Meuse TGV (1 hour; map), where you transfer to a bus (autocar) for the final 28-km (17-mile), half-hour trip to Verdun.

An alternative is to travel to Metz, then take a TER regional train to Verdun, which is not as fast.

Schedules with different train connections can lengthen the trip from Paris to about three hours.


Other than the Gare Meuse TGV - Verdun shuttle bus, we were unable to find any bus routes to Verdun.

Local buses are operated by Transport Intercommunal Verdunois (TIV).


The A4 Autoroute de l'Est passes south of Verdun (map).

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Soldiers' Memorial in Verdun, France

Soldiers' Memorial in Verdun.




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