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Here are some suggestions of where to look for a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or beer, a light lunch, or a good dinner in Rennes.




The central Place Sainte-Anne offers lots of cafés along with its Métro station, carrousel, booksellers, and flea market. Circulate and see: you'll find something.

The rue Saint-Georges is mostly pedestrian and is lined with café-restaurants. In warm weather it's pleasantand popular to sit at one of the open-air tables. There's a good selection of them.

For a quiet repast, seek out Le Babylone Café, on the rue des Dames right next to Cathedral.

>Restaurants on the place Sainte-Anne, Rennes, France
Lots of restaurants on the place Sainte-Anne, Rennes, France.

In the southern part of the city, the rue Vasselot has bars and cafés good for a light lunch, light supper, or evening drink.

There's always food in or near the gares. In Rennes, most eateries are within the train station building, with fewer outside.

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Jane at a restaurant on rue des Dames, Rennes, France

Jane at a restaurant on the
rue des Dames, Rennes, France.

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