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The world's smallest city with a Métro, Rennes transportation is modern, efficient , low-priced, and highly useful.

TER train ticket machine, Rennes, France
TER regional train ticket
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Rennes is the major transportation point for Brittany, connecting Paris with Saint-Malo, Brest, Quimper and other destinations by TGV high-speed train, TER regional train, and regional buses.

Train & Intercity Bus

The Gare de Rennes SNCF, for national and regional trains, and the Gare Routière for regional and international buses, are south of the city center at the Métro stop Gares. More...

Rennes Bretagne Airport

The Aéroport Rennes-Bretagne (also called Rennes-Saint-Jacques; RNS), 8 km (5 miles) southwest of the Place de la République (city center), serves flights from most European countries as well as the United Kingdom.

Airport Transportation

The fastest way to travel is by TER regional train between the airport and the Gare de Rennes SNCF, a trip of about 20 minutes.

TER Trains

The Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande train station is a 15-minute walk (1 km/0.6 mile) east of the airport terminal. Check SNCFConnect or the SNCF Connect smartphone app for trains stopping here and continuing to the Gare de Rennes SNCF, or to other destinations in Brittany.


STAR Bus C6 will take you between the airport and Place de la République (city center) in slightly over a half-hour in normal traffic. (See below for bus and Métro ticket information.)

Rennes Public Transportation

Rennes has an elaborate and efficient public transport system run by STAR: a modern, efficient two-line Métro, 73 routes for long articulated city buses, a Navette Centre-ville (minibus shuttle service) negotiating the twisting medieval streets of the historic center, and shared bicycles.

Rennes Métro

Yes! Rennes has a Métro, reportedly the smallest city in the world with an underground urban train/subway system. It's easy to use, and easily connects visitors arriving at the Gares with the city center and historic district to the north.

The Métro has two lines, "A" and "B". Both Métro lines serve the Gare (train and bus stations), Charles-de-Gaulle (modern city center), and Sainte-Anne (historic district) stations.

Bus C6 runs between the Aéroport Saint-Jacques and Place de la République in the city center, but it may be faster to just ride the bus between the airport and the Métro Line B Saint-Jacques-Gaîté terminus, then continue your journey by Métro to the city center.


The STAR l'appli app for Apple and Android smartphone can be helpful in planning your trips, but it's in French only.


Every Métro station has ticket machines where you can purchase a Ticket Réchargeable for single trips, several trips, or a day pass, paying with coins, bills (notes), debit/credit card, or smartphone app (such as Apple Pay or Google Pay).

On buses, the driver will sell you a ticket, or recharge your ticket.

Rennes STAR Métro & bus rechargeable card

For €1.60, you receive your Ticket Réchargeable for your first journey by Métro or city bus. For later journeys, recharge your card at any ticket machine for €1.50 per trip. You may also purchase a day pass for unlimited trips for €4.60, so if you believe you'll take at least three or more rides on bus or Métro, the day pass makes sense.

The card may be used by one person or several—just add money for the number of trips you need for all persons traveling. When you enter the Métro or a bus, validate it (touch the card to the card reader) as many times as there are people traveling.

Network Plan

Here's the page for a plan of the entire transport network. (Click on 1-Lignes Urbains for a PDF of the plan.)

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Gare de Rennes SNCF, France

The modern Gare de Rennes SNCF.

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