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This fort dates from the 17th century and provides gorgeous views of St-Malo and the nearby islands.





The Fort National was built from designs by the famous French military engineer Vauban, at the order of King Louis XIV.

Built to protect the city of St-Malo from invasions and pirates, its location just off the ramparts was key. Over the years, the Fort was called into service many times.

In August 1944 the Germans occupied St-Malo, and the commander ordered that all the men be imprisoned at the Fort National. Almost 400 men of St-Malo (called malouins) were imprisoned there for about a week. Bombs destroyed part of the Fort, which was later rebuilt.

You can visit the Fort National only at low tide, when it is easily accessible by foot. During the summer season (approximately April to September) you can take a guided visit of the interior of the Fort. Check with the Tourist Information Office for times, which vary depending on the tides.

Even if you can't visit the interior, it's well worth the walk and climb to enjoy the wonderful views of St-Malo and the islands.

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Fort National,St-Malo, France

Above, St-Malo ramparts and the Fort National at high tide. You need to wait for low tide to visit.

Below, the ramparts and walled town of St-Malo, as seen from the Fort National at low tide.

View of St-Malo from Fort National, France

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