France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   Ramparts Walk, St-Malo, France
You can walk around the entire old city of St-Malo on the ramparts and enjoy great views the whole way.





We started our St-Malo ramparts walk at the Porte St-Vincent (main entrance to Intra-Muros) and spent a delightful couple of hours wandering at our leisure.

If you go clockwise from there and look outside the walls, you'll first have wonderful views of the port de plaisance, or marina, busy with boats. Looking inside the walls, you'll see the busy Place Chateaubriand and its many restaurants. As you continue to walk you'll see narrow streets and majestic stone buildings, including such landmarks as the Church of St-Vincent.

Rounding the corner by the Porte St-Louis there is a statue of René Duguay-Trouin, a famous St-Malo privateer of the 17th and 18th centuries. You'll be overlooking the port, where you can take ferrys to places like Jersey, Guernesey and nearby Dinard.

The next corner brings you to the beach front, and you'll soon arrive at the statue of favorite son Jacques Cartier. Cartier was born in St-Malo and left from there on some of his explorations to Canada in the 1500s. The ramparts also boast cannons at various points. This side is particularly nice for enjoying the sunset.

I always enjoy the views of the beach, Plage Bon-Secours, and the pool. Further along Le Grand Bé and Le Petit Bé come into view. Depending on the tides, they'll either look like islands or simply like extensions of the beach. A final turn will bring the Fort National into view.

At several points during your walk staircases allow you to descend into the walled city, so if you see anything you want to explore, just pop down and then resume your walk. It's a great way to experience St-Malo from all angles.

What to See and Do in St-Malo

Fort National

Le Grand Bé and Le Petit Bé

About St-Malo

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Fort National and ramparts, St-Malo, France

Above, View of the ramparts and Fort National, St-Malo,France.

Below, Enjoying sunset from the ramparts.

Sunset from the ramparts, St-Malo, France

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