France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   Restaurant Areas in Nice, France
Mediterranean cuisine and fine weather for dining outdoors—Nice is a wonderful place for gourmands! Here are the best areas for meals.





We like to wander for dinner, looking at restaurants, browsing menus, and sampling ambience. If you do too, here are the places to look.

Just remember that most restaurants and shops close for at least one day per week, usually Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, but some on Wednesday.

Also, they may take a week or two of vacation in summer, so if you find a place of interest online, be sure to confirm that it will be open when you want to go. At the finer places, especially during the warm months, reservations are always good.

1. Vieux Nice

Old Nice (Vieux Nice, Vieille Ville), on the west side of the Colline du Château and north of the Promenade des États-Unis, is the first place to look: ancient, narrow atmospheric streets, no traffic, and a fine variety of settings, price ranges and cuisines:

Restaurant areas: French, Italian, UK, Indian, Japanese, Afghan, Turkish, Cambodian, Tunisian, Persian and more.

A small restaurant in Vieille Ville (Old Nice).

2. Place Garibaldi

The civic center of Nice is the place for open-air European plaza dining. This classic Italianate city square, with its spacious expanse, surrounding arcades and bright yellow buildings, is excellent for lunch and drinks, dinner also.

Restaurant tables ready for diners in Place Garibaldi.

3. Cours Saleya

Nice's historic market area is filled with vegetables and fruits by day (and antiques on Monday), with restaurants lining its landward side; but in the evening the costermongers' carts are removed, tables and chairs fill the market space, and it's one long line of open-air restaurants.

Cours Saleya in the evening: all restaurants.

4. Waterfront Promenade

On the inland side of the Promenade des États-Unis near the Colline du Château are several bars and restaurants affording you a view of the Mediterranean. Vehicle traffic along the shore may be annoying during the day, less so in the evening.

Promenade des États-Unis in the evening: restaurants with sea views.

5. Port Lympia

The west side of the Old Port is lined with restaurants doing a good business at lunch and dinner. The east side has fewer, and several are more popular as drinking places, but both sides are worth a stroll and a look. Remember, not all will be open every day. At least a few may be closed one day from Sunday through Wednesday.

Port Lympia: restaurants on both east and west sides...

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