France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   Langeais, France
A sweet little town centered on a 15th-century castle straight out of a storybook: that's Langeais. It's less-visited than most château towns, which is a bonus.




Set right on the north bank of the Loire (map), Langeais is easy to find, and to find your way around.

The peaked turrets of the Château de Langeais rise above the main street, which is lined with shops, cafés and restaurants.

A weekly street market adds interest.

Unlike most Loire châteaux, the Château de Langeais, finished in 1469, has been little modified over the centuries, so what you see is pretty much what King Louis XI would have seen when his workmen completed the castle.

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Château de Langeais, Loire Valley, France

The Château de Langeais crowds the town at the end of the main street.

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