France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   Restaurants in Dieppe, Normandy
Want to eat in Dieppe? We suggest seafood.




Restaurants ring the port area, and there are a number of restaurants and cafés where you can sit outside (in season) and enjoy your lunch, dinner, or a drink while watching the busy port activity.

We enjoyed a delightful seafood lunch along the waterfront. Our choices included moules frites (mussels with French fries/chips) and a seafood salad.

Additional restaurants may be found near the Puits-salé and along the waterfront.

Café des Tribuneaux, Dieppe, Normandy, France
Café des Tribuneaux in Dieppe...

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Seafood salad, Dieppe, France

Above, Fresh seafood salad for lunch in Dieppe.

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