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Normandy is known as a center of good eating in France, so be sure to enjoy some of its specialties!




When famous chef Julia Child arrived in France for the first time in 1948, she was by her own admission a mediocre cook and knew little about France. Traveling from Le Havre to Paris (map) with her husband, Paul Child, they stopped for lunch in Rouen, the historic capital of Normandy. Tasting sole meunière for the first time at La Couronne, a Rouen restaurant that dates from 1345, Julia began her lifelong love affair with French cooking. That meal was one of many she would enjoy in Normandy and elsewhere in France.

Normandy is known for its food, and much of it contains cream from the contented cows of Normandy. Butter, cream, and whipped cream are liberally used in Norman cooking.

Cow, Normandy, France

The cows are also responsible for the region's famous cheeses, including Camembert, Pont l'Évêque, Neufchâtel, and many more. Camembert is perhaps the best known, and it has a long and interesting history. More...

Of equal importance to Normandy is the apple. The slightly fizzy and slightly alcoholic cider is a main drink of the region, often enjoyed with crêpes. And apple tarts of course appear on every menu and should be savored. More...

Normans don't live on apples and cheese alone. With its long seacoast Normandy has a lot of seafood. Mussels, called moules in French are often featured on menus. Oysters and other shellfish and fish are also popular. The mussels from the Bay of Mont-St-Michel are particularly prized. More...

The region is also known for its lamb, particularly from the sheep that graze on the salt marshes by Mont-St-Michel.

Although crêpes may have originated in Brittany, you'll find plenty of crêperies all over Normandy. More...

You'll find a range of restaurants throughout Normandy, from simple crêperies to gourmet tables. You'll also find a variety of sandwiches in local bakeries and some shops, and delightful treats in patisseries (tarts, éclairs, etc.) and charcuteries (meats, sausages, etc.)

Whether you're dining in a fancy restaurant or preparing a picnic of fresh French bread, local apples, and a variety of cheeses, you will eat well in Normandy!

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La Couronne, Rouen, France

Above, The historic restaurant La Couronne, in Rouen.

Below, Bags of mussels from the
Bay of Mont-St-Michel.


Mussels, Normandy, France

Apple tart, Normandy

Above, Eat dessert first! Normandy apple tart .

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