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Be sure to try some of Normandy's delicious apple products!




Apples are an important part of food and drink in Normandy. Think cider, Calvados, and of course apple tarts.

Cider is perhaps the most popular drink and it's often served with crêpes. It's equally good with cheese, as we discovered in the tiny town of Camembert. It's a bit fizzy and lightly alcoholic and delicious.

You can even get a kir normand, made with crème de cassis and cider, rather than with white wine. More...

Note that in Brittany the same drink is called a kir breton...In fact, there are lots of similarities between the foods of Normandy and those of Brittany.

  Calvados, Normandy, France

Apples are also used to make Calvados, an apple based brandy. The town of Calvados is just a few kilometers southwest of Caen (map).

For a little variety, try Pommeau, a blend of cider and Calvados that is aged for over two years.

Whether you're eating in a restaurant or buying a treat from a pâtisserie, be sure to try an apple tart while you're in Normandy! And, of course, apples make a great snack too.


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Normandy cider, France

Above, Enjoying Normandy cider in Camembert. Note the Norman cow on the cup!

Below, A delicious looking apple tart. Yum!


Apple tart, France

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