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Staying in a hotel at Mont St-Michel, you have a choice of several hotel areas: on the island itself, or on the mainland at Les Portes de Mont St-Michel, Beauvoir, or Pontorson.

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Hotels on Mont St-Michel Island

Because of its unique character, staying on the island of Mont St-Michel is very different from a night on the (flat) mainland. Read this!

Hotels right on the island of Mont St-Michel are not single buildings, but an assortment of rooms and small groups of rooms scattered about the steep slopes of the mountain.

You will almost certainly have to walk up steps—perhaps as many as 50 to 80 steps—to reach your room.

And you will have to carry your luggage.

But it's definintely worth it! We stayed two nights and loved the experience. More...

If you have your own vehicle, you must leave it on the mainland. Plan to leave most of your belongings in it, and re-pack so that you carry only the day's essentials and your valuables to the island and up to your room. More...

Also, before you plan to go out to the island with your stuff, check the tides! If hightide is approaching, you may not be allowed to get to the island for up to an hour. More...

Hotels in Les Portes de Mont St-Michel

At the mainland end of the causeway are a half-dozen modern hotels with prices roughly half of those on the island of Mont St-Michel. You can drive here, easily roll your suitase to your room, then take the shuttle bus or walk (20 to 30 minutes) to Mont St-Michel.

A few rooms in Les Portes even have distant views of Mont St-Michel, something you can't get on the island itself.

Hotels in & near Beauvoir

Just 5 km (3 miles) south of the causeway, the village of Beauvoir has several inns and chambres d'hotes. There are also some small, charming, and reasonably priced "farm B&B" accommodations in the small villages such as Huisnes-sur-Mer.

We stayed at a farm B&B, Les Valtieres du Mont St-Michel, in Huisnes-sur-Mer. Although we had to drive about 8 kilometers (5 miles) to Mont St-Michel, we enjoyed a lovely view of the island from our bedroom window and also saw lots of sheep. A delicious breakfast was included, so we were soon ready to see the sights. More...

Mont St-Michel view, France
View of Mont St-Michel from Les Valtieres du Mont St-Michel.

Hotels in Pontorson

The pleasant small town of Pontorson, 10 km (6.2 miles) due south of Mont St-Michel, has a good variety of hotels, inns and chambres d'hotes at prices much lower than those on the island of Mont St-Michel itself. Trains and buses can take you from Paris, Caen, Rennes and other cities to Pontorson, and six buses run daily between Pontorson and Mont St-Michel. More...

Staying in Pontorson allows you to enjoy bustling Mont St-Michel during the day, and retreat to the quiet charm of a small French town for the evening and following morning—and to save money as well.

A Night on the Island

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La Vieille Auberge Hotel, Mont St-Michel, Normandy, France

La Vieille Auberge, Mont St-Michel.

Paddleboards approach Mont Saint-Michel, France at high tide
Paddleboarders approach the entrance
to Mont St-Michel at high tide.

Paris Girls Secret Society, a novel: 3 girls, so many secrets...

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