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Just 9 kilometers from Mont St-Michel, this quiet town can be a base for visiting.




Pontorson is a small town (population almost 5,000) located about 9 kilometers (5.5 miles) south of Mont St-Michel (map). It is home to a train station and is the closest point to Mont St-Michel for train transportation.

Situated on the Couesnon River, it is possible to walk from Pontorson to Mont St-Michel on a path that follows the river and passes by the new dam. Walkers will enjoy some lovely views of Mont St-Michel and the countryside.

Path to Mont St-Michel
Leaving the dam;
nly 9 more kilometers to get back to Pontorson!

Pontorson also has several hotels, all of which are considerably less expensive than those on Mont St-Michel or closer to the island.

There are a couple of nice restaurants too, with few tourists. We enjoyed a very nice dinner at Eugénie, in the center of town.

Founded in the 12th century, Pontorson takes its name from a Norman chief, Orson. In 1031, at the request of Robert Le Diable (father of William the Conqueror), Orson built a bridge across the Couesnon so that Robert's troops could cross the river as they returned from Brittany. The French word for bridge is pont, thus Pontorson.

Pontorson's Notre-Dame Church was built to fulfill a wish of William the Conqueror. The church includes both Norman and "transitional Gothic" architecture.

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  Notre-Dame, Pontorson

Above, Notre-Dame church, Pontorson.





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