France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   What to See & Do in Rouen, France
The capital of upper Normandy, Rouen is a historic city that is also a center of art and culture.




Rouen lies on the Seine River in Normandy, just a couple hours northwest of Paris by car or train.

A city with a long history and plenty of medieval architecture, Rouen is also a modern city known for art and culture.

Throughout the old city you'll find charming half-timbered houses of all sizes, well-preserved and evoking the city's history. As is common in Normandy, there are also frequent reminders of World War II and its impact on the region.

The Place du Vieux Marché, or Old Market Place, is best known as the place where Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc) was burned at the stake in 1431. More...

Walking through the old city you'll pass under the Gros Horloge, a large ornate clock in a Gothic belfry and a major landmark in Rouen. More...

Nearby is the ornate Palais de Justice, with its beautiful Renaissance decor.

The Cathédrale Notre-Dame,often painted by Monet, lies just beyond the Gros Horloge, at the end of the Rue du Gros Horloge. More...

Rouen also is home to several other large Gothic churches, as well as the modern Église Ste-Jeanne-d'Arc. More...

The Aître de St-Maclou, near the church of the same name, was a burial ground for plague victims, and its macabre decor reflects this. More...

As an artistic center, Rouen also has a number of excellent museums, the best known of which is the Beaux Arts, or Fine Arts Museum. More...

Because of its located on the banks of the Seine, Rouen is home to both commercial and pleasure craft. Several bridges span the Seine at Rouen and provide interesting walks and views.

About 28 kilometers (17 miles) west of Rouen stand the ruins of the Abbey of Jumièges, a historic, atmospheric site that makes for a nice excursion from the city. More...

Rouen is also known for excellent food, made with lots of butter, cheese, and apples.

Rouen is a great place to begin your explorations of Normandy.

Place du Vieux Marché

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

Aître de St-Maclou

Rouen Museums

Rouen Churches

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Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Rouen, Normandy, France

Above, Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Rouen, France.

Below, Tiny half-timbered house, Rouen.


Tiny half-timbered house, Rouen, France

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