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Hotels, cafés, even many Paris parks have wireless Internet connections for iPods and laptop computers, but there are complications...




Your Paris hotel will probably have Wifi (wireless Internet), but it may be a pay service rather than free. Check in advance if it's important to you.

Although it is not the norm in Paris cafés, some cafés do offer Wifi access, even with broadband connections suitable for video download and IP telephony.

One such café-based service is Its website has pages in various languages, including French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, but only the French-language version has full info and a list of Paris cafés offering its service, with Google Maps pinpointing their locations.

Ask the waiter for the access code, open your browser, input the access code—which is case-sensitive—, accept the terms, and you should be online in no time, for free.

I used at Bistrot Le Marguerite, 2, quai de Gesvres, 75004 Paris (map), on the corner by the Seine in front of the Hôtel de Ville.

Surprisingly, many Paris parks offer free Wifi provided by the city government. Open your browser and it should go to the page that allows you to login and use the service. Often the page is in several languages, including English.

The free Wifi in Paris parks may not be working in some instances, or you may have to sit in certain areas of the park in order to obtain a strong signal. Signs near the entrances to the park may provide information on the service, and the locations it covers.

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Wifi Sign, Paris, France

Sign at Jardin des Halles in Paris,
showing the areas with free Wifi.

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