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Lots of charming, perfectly-located small hotels in Paris, France are moderate in price. Here's how to find the little Paris hotel that's right for you.



Anyone who has ever planned a trip to Paris, France has dreamed of staying in some quaint, cozy little hotel on a pretty square or a narrow side street, right in the midst of a neighborhood with charm.

Here are Tom's Top Ten Paris Hotels.

Or you want a bed in a hostel that won't wreck your bank account.

More and more, visitors staying more than two or three days are renting apartments (letting flats). More...

You can do it! Hotels in the center of Paris are mostly small, charming, well-located, and moderate in price compared to those in comparable large cities. Youth and traveler hostels are well located and affordable. Flats/apartments to let number in the hundreds.

Regarding charming small hotels, each room is unique. There are no "standard rooms" of uniform size, shape, furnishings and comforts.

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About the Plumbing...

In the same small hotel you might find charming, airy rooms and rooms that you can't bear to stay in. Among the less-expensive one- and two-star hotels, you may also find a variety of plumbing arrangements, from rooms with only "EC" (eau courante, or running water, meaning a sink), to those with private shower or bath; but the room may or may not have a WC/toilet.

Note that a room with shower or bath does not necessarily mean that the room has a toilet as well. There are rooms with toilet and shower, rooms with toilet only, and rooms with shower only. The trend these days is to renovate small hotels and put a shower, toilet, and sink in each room, so those marvelously cheap bathless rooms are dwindling in number.

Tax & Service Included!

All taxes and service charges are included in the room price quoted to you. They will not be added to your bill at the end of your stay, as is the custom in some countries (such as the USA).

Breakfast is not normally included in the price of your room, though some hotels may include it, or require you to purchase it, especially during the high summer tourism season. Breakfast is always available at an additional charge in a hotel, usually from 8€ to 12€, sometimes more.

Airport Hotels

Finding a hotel near Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport can be confusing, so I've figured it all out for you. Here's all the information.

If you arrive in Paris without a hotel reservation (definitely not a good idea!), the Office du Tourisme et des Congrès de Paris will help you find a room on that day for a fee. Better to use, a partner, to check room rates and availability in advance—or even on the day you arrive. More...

In summer, this service is liable to be in demand, and there may be quite a line of people waiting, so get there early. Better to plan ahead.

French Chain Hotels

The large luxury international chain hotels are present in Paris, along with budget-to-moderate French chains that provide mostly modern, value-for-money accommodations for vacationers, families and business travelers. More...

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Serene - a novel of the Belle Epoque


Hotel de la Bretonnerie, Le Marais, Paris, France

The 3-star, 29-room Hôtel de la Bretonnerie
in the Marais...


Paris apartment with balcony view
Better yet, rent an apartment/flat in Paris, even for just a weekend or a few days! More...

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