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Rodin's sculptures are famous around the world, and this Paris museum, which was once his home, boasts many of his works.




The Rodin Museum and Garden, near the Hôtel des Invalides and the Eiffel Tower in Paris (map), allow you to focus on one important artist, and to see many of his most famous works in one location.

The Museum, housed in the beautiful Hôtel Biron, features 16 small rooms of Rodin's work. Here you can see such famous works as The Kiss (below), and various renditions of The Thinker. The museum reopened in 2015 after significant renovations.

If you don't want to be inside but still want to appreciate Rodin, the Garden offers perhaps one of the best bargains in Paris. Admission to the Garden is only 4€.

Throughout the Garden you can admire Rodin bronzes including The Thinker, The Gates of Hell, Balzac, and The Burghers of Calais. It is a lovely place to walk, sit, and admire the sculptures.

  Rodin Kiss, Paris
  The Kiss

Rodin once lived and sculpted in this house, which dates from the 1700's. It was recently restored and is a fitting museum for his wonderful works of art. He wasn't the only famous person to live here: Jean Cocteau and Henri Matisse both did as well, and Isadora Duncan had a dance studio in a former building.

We also had the opportunity to see another example of the Burghers of Calais in the city of Calais. How can there be another, you're wondering? French law allows up to 12 casts to be made. The original is the one in Calais, cast in 1895 and now standing in front of the town hall. The version at the Rodin Museum in Paris is a 1926 cast.

Métro: Varenne or Invalides
RER: Invalides
Bus: 69, 82, 87, 92

Paris Museum Pass accepted.
Also offers reduced-price combination ticket with the Musée d'Orsay. Closed Monday. Open Wednesday evening.

Musée Rodin
Hôtel Biron
77 Rue de Varenne (map)
Paris 75007
+33 (0)1 44 18 61 10

Rodin Sculpture Garden

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Rodin Museum, Paris

Above, Rodin Museum, Hôtel Biron, Paris.
Below, The Thinker, in the Museum Garden.

The Thinker, Rodin Gardens, Paris

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