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Plenty of opportunities for theater in Paris, but one in particular is outstanding.




Paris offers wonderful theater, mostly in French, but also a surprising number of performances in English.

The only problem is that performances tend to be fewer during the summer, particularly in August.

Without doubt your first dip into Parisian theater should be at the famous Comédie Française, 2 Rue de Richelieu (Métro: Palais Royal).

The Comédie Française is the world's oldest active theater company, founded in 1680 by King Louis XIV. Some refer to the theater as La Maison de Molière, as his theater troupe was one of the founding groups.

Here the classics by Molière (including such well known plays as Tartuffe, The Imaginary Invalid, Scapin, and the Bourgeois Gentleman), Racine, and other French greats are staged in marvelous performances, and schedules are varied with the addition of more modern works as well.

In 1968 I had the chance to attend the Comédie Française on the evening of July 13. I got fully immersed in the 17th century drama, only to emerge close to midnight as Bastille Day festivities were in full swing! It was a bit jarring at first, but a wonderful end to a magical day in Paris!

Comédie Française
Entrance of the Comédie Française, right next to
the Palais Royale.

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Comedie Française, Paris, France

Une comédie française à Paris....

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